Author Interview: Evangeline Anderson Author of the Kindred Series

Author Interview: Evangeline Anderson Author of the Kindred Series

First off I would like to welcome to Curse of the Bibliophile Evangeline Anderson! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to participate in this interview. If you would like to see more books from this author or to find out more about her go to her website here. Her books are out of this world good.

Do you have a personal favorite type of kindred and if you do why?

If I had to pick I would take a Blood Kindred because I find vampires very sexy and that's basically what they are--hot alien space vampires. lol. But any kind of Kindred would be a good husband because they always put their women first.

How did you come up with the names for each warrior or why?
Honestly, I don't really have a process for it. I just try to make up a name that sounds strong and masculine and fits what the character looks like in my head. I usually like one syllable names with long vowels although I do make exceptions on occasion.

What is your favorite Kindred food?
If I had to pick a Kindred food to try it would definitely be the Grieza worms--they may look gross but they taste like Godiva dark chocolate and they have no fat and tons of protein. The perfect food in my opinion. And the food I would NEVER try is fleeta pudding. Mashed up bug guts and legs--ugh! I don't know how the Tranq Prime natives stand it but I guess you can get used to anything if you're raised eating it. :)
How are you feeling now that you are on the last book in the series?

Well to be honest, I don't think this WILL be the last book. In writing book 4, Found, I have actually gotten some good ideas for books 5 and 6, though I have no idea what to name them since I started this series with the idea that there would be only 4 books. I will say, however, that after I finish Found I intend to take a little break and write something completely different to give my brain a break. I love the Kindred but my muse needs something new to work on for a little while. I have a YA series I've been working on forever. I may publish the first book in that series under a different name and see if it takes off before I go back to write book 5, whatever it may be.