Moonlight Warrior by Janet Chapman

Title: Moonlight Warrior
Author: Janet Chapman
Publisher: Pocket Star (April 28, 2009)
Book Rating: 5 Stars


 Eve Anderson is darned tired of Kenzie Gregor meddling in her business. She might be struggling to keep herself and her ailing mother financially afloat, but she's no princess in need of a strong, capable knight in a black SUV to rescue her -- even if he is easy on the eyes. Besides, there's something very odd about him...and she's sure the strange events occurring in their small coastal Maine town are linked to his recent arrival.

Once an immortal warrior cursed to live as a panther, Kenzie is finally free to live and die as a man, and his destiny is to help other displaced souls. Of course, if he can get tiny, blue-eyed, curly blond Eve out of the deal, doesn't get any better. But she's as stubborn and fierce as a lioness, and in order to win her love, he must tempt her with forbidden desires....

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My Thoughts
Janet Chapman has really gotten good at bringing Highland Warriors into the 21st century. I highly enjoyed Kenzie and the difficulties he has run into while trying to adapt to this new century (very funny). The romance is a little slow paced, but definitely worth the wait. I found Eve to be a wonderful character as well. Eve’s struggles with her attraction to Kenzie were very amusing (we all know how futile resistance is). Although both of these characters were wonderful the one that really stole my heart was Mabel. She is coping with her dementia, but is still a real firecracker. The author really did a great job of creating a blend of very memorable characters. This is a great addition to any highland lovers and romance lovers alike. I recommend for a roguishly good time.


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