Romancing Supernatural Creatures

Romancing Supernatural Creatures

What supernatural creature is your personal favorite in a romance book?
Do you howl for a drool inducing alpha werewolf out on the hunt?
Or are you awakened by your thirst for the dead sexy vamps that rule the night?
Does your heart sing for a smooth talking fallen angel?
Or are you purrrrrfectlly in heat over the wicked sexy felines out on the prowl?

Whatever it may be no one can beat a good supernatural lover when it comes to romance books.
So give a shout out for your favorite creature and let me know what makes them number one in your book!

My favorite
I especially love the possesive alpha's who take any measures necessary to convince their lady love that they belong together and would go to the ends of the earth to protect them. (Sigh)
Anyways enough of my gushiness let me know your favorite I love comments so don't be shy.


  1. Shapeshifters are definitely near the top of the list - I think it's their self-control that I like most. It's just darn sexy for a guy to be in control of his inner beast! :)

    Don't think I can pick a favorite paranormal creature/lover, though - it really depends on how well developed they are in any particular story.

    ...I can, however, safely say that zombies are not on the list of candidates. ;)

  2. Thank you for commenting!

    LOL, but they would definetely be a very interesting hero for a romance novel. Some obvious challenges in a relationship, but would make for some hilarious interactions with each other.

    Thanks again for commenting(;


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