Sarah’s Lion by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Title: Sarah’s Lion
Author: Lizzie Lynn Lee
Source: Bought
Rating: 4 Stars


Wildlife photographer Sarah Whitaker has an obsession with lions. When she hears there's a dangerous, elusive, majestic, man-eating pride living in the heart of the Serengeti, she wastes no time in tracking them down. Funny thing, when she finally finds them, one particular lion seems to love posing for her camera.

Keto Rarh is amused when he finds out he has a stalker. Usually, he loves toying with humans, chasing and scaring the hell out of them. But this generously-curved black beauty makes him ache in all the bad places. She has a pretty smile, too. Exotic face. And ample flesh he can't wait to get his hands on to. Maybe it was time for him to settle down with a mate.

 Sarah's too busy paparazzing the noble creature to realize the rules of the game have suddenly changed and that the stalker has become the stalked...

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My Thoughts
This is the second book in which Lizzie Lynn Lee has written about this unusual pride of lions, only this time Keto gets his mate. Keto is the more laid back and fun loving of the bunch and when he sees Sarah who has taken a liking to photographing him his interest is piqued. After meeting up close and personal with her he decides that she was going to be his mate. Now all he had to do is convince her of this and protect her from some unexpected dangers.

I loved this one and I really hope that the author has more books about these sexy lions. This book though short had me purring in satisfaction