"Torrodil" by Luke Geraghty

Torrodil by Luke Geraghty: NOOK Book CoverTitle: Torrodil
Author: Luke Geraghty
Source: Review copy courtesy of Luke Geraghty (thank you)
Rating: 5 Stars


War brews in the world of Torrodil, and Anna Gray is too busy daydreaming to give a kruk. But when the enemy lays waste to her home, Anna unleashes a terrible power - one that teems beneath her skin, inviting her to tear apart the earth itself. Forced into the wild, Anna must battle through jungle rapids and desert wastes to find the women who share her gift, joined by a best friend one quiver away from browning his trousers. Yet the greatest danger lies within.

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My Thoughts

An exciting story of growth and learning to make the best of what you are given, Torrodil is a magnificent book with memorable characters and is a spellbinding new world for readers to get lost in. The descriptive imagery and lyrical sentences made for a highly captivating read. The most alluring part of the book was the characters strong need for adventure. This is because most of us at one point or another long for some adventure in our lives and because of this it is easier to relate to the feelings of the main characters in the book.
I really liked the way the author portrayed the monks and that every character no matter how small a part they had seemed so real.  The females in the book were all really strong characters. They didn’t whine or cry over almost everything. Instead they took things as they came and did the best that they could to make it work for them. Though they were not immune to grief or frustration they did not dwell on it like some characters might have.  Even the less likeable characters were enjoyable to read about because they had a strong sense of self. Torrodil will make a fine edition to the bookshelf of anyone who has ever felt the need for even a little bit of an adventure in their lives.