"Once A Goddess" by Sheila R. Lamb

Title: “Once A Goddess”
Author: Sheila R. Lamb
 Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Review Copy


Two tribes battle for control of ancient Ireland, and Brigid must find her place among them, trapped between the will of her people and the desires of her heart. For the sake of peace, Brigid of the supernatural Túatha dé Danann enters into an arranged marriage with Bres, the next chieftain of the enemy Fomorian tribe, whose iron weapons and brute strength challenge the Danann magic. The Danann instruct Brigid to spy for them, and to keep the source of their powers secret, dangerous tasks that complicate her goal of making the best of her forced union. Sacrificing her own hope for love, Brigid faces the Fomorians alone. Set in a time when myths were reality, Once A Goddess brings the legend of Ireland's magical Túatha dé Danann to life. 

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My Thoughts
“Once A Goddess” was a profoundly magical story about a woman named Brigid who, in the middle of a battle between two tribes, must choose between what her heart tells her to do and what everyone else believes is right.
I absolutely loved this story and how the words just flowed so nicely. The characters were written very well and had real depth. The emotions evoked from this book were so real and empathetic that I couldn’t help the few tears that were shed for the characters. Brigid was a strong woman and even though she made mistakes she really was a beautiful woman and I admire her. The setting couldn’t have been a more perfect place for a story filled with adventure and magic. The imagery was beautiful and very detailed as well. If you wish to get lost in a world where myths and legends are reality then check out “Once A Goddess” by Sheila R. Lamb.