Warriors of the Edge by Katie Bridges

Author: Katie Bridges
Title: Warriors of the Edge
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 5 Stars
Tarek Ortzen wants what any twelve-year-old kid wants, a day to himself so he can play games in his gaming booth. He gets his chance when he signs up for the role of Stone in the latest war game, Warriors of the Edge. He figures the game will help him escape the real world and its troubles. But after one day of nonstop play, Tarek wishes he'd never heard of Warriors of the Edge. The game has brought nothing but trouble into his life.

When the game begins to blur the line between reality and fantasy, Tarek finds himself caught between those who believe in the game and those who oppose it. Is the game trying to warn him of danger or lead him into it? Tarek doesn't know who to believe.

 As Tarek's home world faces the threat of destruction, he must determine whether the character he plays can make a difference in their real lives.
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My Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be transported into the world of one of your favorite video games? What if that world crossed over into yours? Tarek Ortzen experiences just that first hand after playing a mysterious new game called Warriors of the Edge.

Like any normal twelve year old all Tarek Ortzen wanted to do was spend the day enjoying his new video game (Warriors of the Edge). Unfortunately for him his Warriors of the Edge is no ordinary game and after today he will no longer be an ordinary twelve year old.

Filled with fast paced adventure and loads of gaming fun “Warriors of the edge” will have you anticipating each turn of the page. “Warriors of the Edge” has some wonderful characters including Tarek , who I believe is a typical twelve year old, is a character that many kids his age can relate to and would love to share his adventures in this fantastical new world. The story was very detailed and made you feel as if you were Tarek trying to decide what is real and what is not, while figuring out all of the game’s secrets. Take a break from the real world and check out “Warriors of the Edge” by Katie Bridges.