"Diamonds in the Sand" by Cassandra Pierce

Author: Cassandra Pierce
Publisher: Siren Publishing (October 26, 2011)
Source: Review Copy


Oceanographer Maura Ryan travels to the tropics to meet with her mentor, who claims to have made an amazing new discovery. By the time she gets there, he has vanished…and in his place are five mysterious men who have a strange connection to the sea. As they help her search for the missing scientist, Daq, Janko, Ivar, Ejan and Tagin introduce Maura to the uninhibited life they enjoy on the island. Before long, they ask her to join them in their balmy paradise, and she is tempted to accept. However, Maura can't help wondering about her new friends' role in Dr. Miller's disappearance. She has also begun to suspect that they aren't exactly like other men. Can she respond to their desire for her, wondering if they might not be what they seem? Should she give into what she feels for them, knowing that they might not be human?

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My Thoughts

Maura Ryan goes on a trip to meet with her mentor to see about a new discovery he made. When she gets there he is missing, but in his place are five mysteriously sexy men who give Maura a vacation she’ll never want to come back from.

This novel was definitely steamy and I liked the idea of the Aquans and how they came about as well. Even though the five are supposed to work together as one I felt that Daq had the greatest presence. I loved his character and my only wish is that the book was longer so that I could see more of Daq and the rest of this amazing group. Maura herself was an independent heroine who takes to these guys likes a duck to water, surprising herself in the process.
If you love steamy romances with a few extra partners then this might be the book for you.

Warning: This book contains Ménage and some M/M elements