Styles of Passion by Sara Kingston

 Written for The Romance Reviews

Author: Sara Kingston
Publisher: Siren Publishing (October 26, 2011)
Review Rating: 3 stars
Source: Review Copy


Abigail Taylor is recovering from the betrayal of her first marriage. Her salon is all that matters to her. Besides, it is not like she is truly missing anything. Sex is overrated. Noah Turner has watched and craved Abby for the last six months, but he can't seem to break through her icy exterior, and she is lethal with those scissors. She may cut off more than just the conversation, especially if she knew the things he wanted to do to her. After rejecting his request for a date, Abby discovers that Noah is a dominant lover. Abby decides to give herself a chance to see if there really is something to sex. Is it truly as good as everyone talks about? Gathering her courage, she approaches Noah with a challenge he can't refuse. “If you can get me to orgasm during sex, I will be at your beck and call for a week”  “A month.”  “Two weeks.”  “Done!”  Will Abby be able to overcome her fears of commitment? Will Noah be able to tie Abby down to him with more than just rope?

 My Thoughts

Heart pounding erotic love story that will rock your socks off!

“Styles of Passion” by Sara Kingston is about a young woman named Abigail who after finding out about her cheating husband has given up on men. Fate has other plans in store however when she meets Noah. Will he be her dream come true or just another heartbreak waiting to happen?
This story had everything you could want in an erotic novel enough passion to curl your toes and just the right amount of romance to sweeten it up. Unlike a lot of erotica this novel actually had more of a storyline instead of just plain sizzling sex (which this story had plenty of). The characters had depth would make a great story even without the love scenes.

Abigail’s character is relatable and she made me care about her as a character. I loved her friend as well Jenna who was a protective and a little crazy (in a good way). Jenna is the kind of friend everyone should have who not only has your back, but knows how to make you laugh when you’re feeling down.
Take a gamble and try Sara Kingston’s “Styles of Passion”.