"Upsetting the Tides" by David Englund

Title: Upsetting the Tides
Author: David Englund
Book Rating: 4 Love Potions
Source: Review Copy


Clark Jackson, a forty-three-year-old-accountant, discovers a portal to a strange room. At first, the portal serves as an escape, a room for taking naps without time passing back on Earth. He comes to realize that a passageway has been opened when alien species begin passing through to Des Moines, Iowa. The realization of infinite worlds suddenly open to travel dawns on Clark.

In his travels he meets species that are friendly conversationalists and willing trading partners and other species that are not so kind to portal travelers. Meanwhile, the mysterious Environmental Protection Agency has advanced technology at their disposal. The energy signatures given off by Clark’s new device and aliens traveling to Des Moines attract their attention . . .

Upsetting the Tides is the first novel in a new series of Science Fiction/Action/Thriller stories.

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My Thoughts
If things seem too good to be true they usually are.
A great story of adventure and fantasy I really liked the plot of the story and how well the characters were written.  Clark Jackson was a fun and relatable character that really grows on you throughout the story. Against his better judgment he investigates a portal to a strange room where he find that he can take a break from his hectic life without time passing on earth. However he soon realizes his mistake when he attracts unwanted attention from the mysterious Environmental Protection Agency.
“Upsetting the Tides” is a highly entertaining read that has enough twists and turns in it to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.
Check out Clark’s exciting adventure in David Englund’s “Upsetting the Tides”.