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Which book genre do you avoid at all costs and why?
I don't really avoid a certain genre, but I do avoid books with sad endings. I know there are lots of fantastic books with sad endings, but I just hate feeling sad at the end of a book. I am a HEA lover for sure. What about you guys?


  1. that's interesting. for me it depends on the book. I'd read books like Kite Runner and A thousand splendid suns in a heartbeat, but I need recovery time. maybe read one or two a year lol

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  2. I enjoy a not so happy ending now and then, its more realistic

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  3. Ooh, I'm with you. I do like a lot of emotion in my books though. Sometimes a sad ending gives a bit of a twist! G

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  4. I'd have to agree with you, a sad ending won't deter me from reading a book, but I much prefer HEA endings.
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  5. I agree with you! I don't like books with sad endings, UNLESS there's a sequel coming out with a good ending. But then I'd have to wait. I guess I'll still read them, but I won't like them.
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