"The Haunted" by J.A. Templeton

The Haunted (MacKinnon Curse, #2)
Title: The Haunted (a MacKinnon Curse novel, book 2)
 J.A. Templeton

Rating: 5 stars
Source: Review Copy
After battling a malevolent ghost that held the spirit of her friend Ian MacKinnon bound to the land for two hundred years, sixteen-year-old reluctant psychic, Riley Williams, felt as if she was finally easing into her new life in Scotland.

Or so she thought.

Laria, the spirit of the witch who had cursed Ian wants revenge for Riley’s interference and she’s bringing along friends—dark entities who thrive on evil.

The one bright spot in Riley’s world is Ian’s descendent, Kade MacKinnon, who could easily be Ian’s modern day twin. The parallels between the two guys are undeniable. As Riley’s relationship with Kade blossoms, she begins to realize Laria has grown in her power since their last confrontation—a power that could very well manipulate the living just as effectively as the dead.
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My Thoughts
I just can’t get enough of this series and the second book did not disappoint!
These characters are so real and bring out such emotion that it was hard to put this book down. The dark romance and danger keep building and bring with it more exciting twists and turns in this book.

I really grew to like Kade as a character and the relationship between him and Riley. I couldn’t help being excited over this new love interest. 
Laria is even worse than before and it was exciting to see how Riley handled both her and her growing powers.
Fans of the first book are sure to love “The Haunted” which gives readaers even more action and romance than the first.


  1. I just read the first book in this series and was really sucked in at the end with the introduction of Kade. I'm so glad that the relationship appears to work between Riley and Kade, although I secretly hope Ian makes some sort of appearance. And I can't believe Laria is even worse in this book. That girl was CRAZY before! I'm definitely excited to read this sequel now.

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  2. My first time hearing about this series! Thanks for putting this on my radar, looks good!

  3. I read this book some time ago and I really enhoyed it!

    Roandthecity -swap bot


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