Blogspiration: I'm Inspired by Tiger's Curse(2)

Tiger's Curse inspires me for so many reasons including the value of friendship, being brave in the face of obstacles, to love yourself, and that it is okay to need help sometimes. Mostly it taught me about love and not just romantic love, but the love of  friends and family as well and how precious the little moments you have with them really are.

Poem by the character Kelsey in Tiger's Voyage (the third book in the series)

Love is about Grooming
by Kelsey Hayes
Love is about grooming
It starts…
Sweet smelling lotion is smoothed over rough skin
Cologne is splashed on freshly shaved cheeks
Shiny faces, starched shirts, short skirts
Colored lips, cheeks, and hair
We glisten
We are plucked, plumed, perfumed, and powdered
We buy flowers, chocolates, candles, and jewels
It’s not real
Real love is drab, rough, stubbly
It’s mothers changing diapers
It’s toenail trimming, nose wiping, morning breath
Trade in your high heels for tennis shoes and house slippers
Mousy manes
Tangled tendrils
Love’s chap-lipped, ear waxy, prickly bearded, and jagged nailed
It’s a back scratching, hairy legged, there’s something between your teeth
Dear feeling
Real love
Is plucking hairs from your husband’s back
Emptying grandpa’s bedpan
Wearing sweats on a Friday night
Saving money, not spending it
Wiping sweaty, sick faces with cool towels
Lionesses lick clean their cubs
Monkeys pick bugs off backs
Humans wash dead mothers’ hair before burial
Love is about grooming


  1. I never heard of this poem before but it was really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing. I can easily see why it's inspirational.


  2. This was cute!! :) The poem is woow, it's true! Thanks for sharing :) ;)

  3. I've hear so many wonderful things about Tiger's Curse, and now I SERIOUSLY want to read it. Thank you SO much for sharing this with us--it sounds extraordinary, and I LOVE it when books kind of touch us in that special place, you know? LOVE it xx

  4. Wow!! That was a really great snippet! I'd never heard of Tiger's Curse and now I am intrigued.

    "Mostly it taught me about love and not just romantic love, but the love of friends and family as well and how precious the little moments you have with them really are."

    :) I love that

    Thank you for sharing!!


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