"Code Monkey" by Mechele Armstrong

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Title: Code Monkey
Mechele Armstrong
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books (November 26, 2011)
Rating: 5 stars
Source: Review Copy


Anna Marie is the low woman on the totem pole who wants to be more and dreams of hitting the big time. When she’s asked to spy on a suspected secrets thief for a promotion, she can’t believe her luck. Only it means spending time with a code monkey, namely Baxter.

Baxter is thrilled to have Anna Marie’s attention and Anna Marie soon finds that the code monkey is a lot more interesting than she ever thought possible.

When she finds herself falling for him, will she answer the call of her heart or of her dreams? Can they catch the real thief together or will the code monkey lose it all?

Baxter Savage is bored at his job as a code monkey (aka computer programmer). He dreams of leaving his job for better but his sensual dreams of the company’s receptionist, Anna Marie, keep him at his job for now.
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My Thoughts

Romance, mystery, and video games all of this can be found in Mechele Armstrong’s “Code Monkey”.

Anna Marie is sweet woman who has not had the best childhood, but she is able to work hard and turn her life around and doesn’t let anything or anyone ruin that for her. Unfortunately that leaves almost no time for friends or relationships. When her boss wants her to tail her cute coworker Baxter and get information on a leak in the company she is a little cautious at first, but accepts hoping to get a promotion for her hard work. The more she gets to know Baxter however the less she believes that he could possibly have anything to do with the company leak and the more at risk she is at losing her heart.

Baxter is now officially one of my favorite heroes. Unlike most heroes is doesn’t have supernatural good looks or super hero powers he is just a normal guy. It’s because of this that I think I like him so much. He is so sweet and charming. He treats Anna with care and respect like men should. By the end of the book I absolutely adored Baxter who in the end “saved the girl, caught the villain, and lived to fight another day” all without the use of some supernatural abilities.

Anna Marie is a beautiful woman with a lot of spirit. I really liked her character and how much she grew throughout the story. Watching her and Baxter’s relationship blossom was a lot of fun and it was really believable. By the end of the story you could really tell that they made a great pair.

Check out a beautiful story where the hero saves the girl without super powers and supernatural abilities in “Code Monkey” by Mechele Armstrong.