"Propheticus: The Mangitori de Sangue" by Emma Daley

 Title: Propheticus: The Mangitori de Sangue
Author: Emma Daley
Source: Review Copy

This is a sci-fi romantic thriller series set in an ancient universe. Four destined characters run into each other by chance and discover their pasts connect them in a prophecy to destroy some of the universes most gruesome creatures. But will they stay alive long enough to succeed?

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My Thoughts
“Propheticus” is an exciting story with characters you will never forget.
This was an imaginative and unique world that I highly enjoyed discovering. The imagery was beautiful and very descriptive and the story line held my attention from the very first page.
Aniah was a great heroine and was really interesting. I liked seeing how she handled these situations and learning about her and how she interacted with all of the others as well as the prophecy that brought them all together. There was so much depth to her character and I really enjoyed learning about this new and sometimes frightening world that she lives in.
I highly recommend this book to fantasy and sci-fi lovers alike and I can’t wait to see what happens next!