#1 Sexiest Pararnormal Romance Hero

Sexiest Paranormal Romance Hero!

Lucian from Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan

Dark Guardian was the first book I had ever read from Christine Feehan's Dark series and after reading it I was hooked. Lucian is one of my favorite Carpathians and certainly one of the sexiest. I chose him because not only is he sexy as sin, but he has a sense of humor that many of the Carpathians lack. He can be overbearing at times, but above all he tries his hardest to make Jaxon happy.

Here is a quote from the book that I found extremely adorable:

“I wasn’t going to argue with you. Why ever would you think that? I never argue."
Lucian smiled at her. She was so small, it amazed him she was such a strong person. "Of course you do not argue. What was I thinking? Go to sleep, honey, and allow my poor body to rest."
I’m already asleep. You’re the one gabbing.”
Christine Feehan, Dark Guardian


  1. I'm pretty sure I just went ahead and bought this book! I seriously can't wait to read it because that little quote had me wanting MORE!!

    SO EXCITED!! I love me some sexy lit boys :D


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