30 Day Blog Challenge (Paranormal Romance Style)

30 Day Blog Challenge
(Paranormal Romance Style)

I found out about this from a fellow blogger and decided to try it out. The 30 Day Blog Challenge is a list of blog topics for 30 days. Since this is a book blog I have decided to do my 30 day challenge a little differently. The theme for my 30 day challenge will be Paranormal Romance since it is my my favorite genre and all of the posts will tie into this theme. If anyone else would like to participate leave me a comment so I can check out your posts as well (:

1. Sexiest Paranormal Romance Hero

2. If you could shift into any animal what would it be?

3. Alpha Male

4. Favorite Paranormal Creature and why

5. Best Paranormal Romance series

6. Libraries

7. Name a book that surprised you

8. Dream Bedroom

9. Personal playlist for a Paranormal romance book

10. Inspiring Quote

11. Recipe for your favorite books

12. First Paranormal book I ever Read

13. Werewolves

14. Vampires

15. Books turned into movies

16. Adult VS YA

17. Cover Dazzle

18. Books you are most anticipating this summer

19. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why

20. Book Trailers Love or Hate

21. Favorite movie with paranormal romance elements

22. Love Triangles

23. Paranormal Romance book Dream Cast

24. Zombies!?

25. The difference between Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

26. Ebook VS. Physical Copy

27. Lessons I’ve learned from reading Paranormal Romance

28. List 10 random facts about yourself

29. About how many paranormal romances have I read?

30. Why Paranormal Romance?


  1. What an awesome idea!

    I'm following your blog too, so I can see how you're going with the challenge... I may have a go at it soon :D I'll think on it a little while ;)




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