"Labyrinth" by Tarah Scott

LabyrinthWritten for The Romance Reviews
Title: Labyrinth
Author: Tarah Scott
Rating: 4 stars
Source: Review Copy


Yes, magic exists. Not the backwater voodoo witches practice where Mississippi Deputy Sheriff Margot Saulnier grew up. But the age-old black magic a woman weaves around a man that draws him under her spell. The kind Margot’s best friend used to kill her husband…and get away with it.

Margot chases her friend to Scotland, determined to prove her guilty of murder. No one will stop Margot. Not the SAS agent sent to watch her…and not the Scottish lord legend says murders his lovers when they cannot free him from the spell that has imprisoned him in Castle Morrison for three hundred years.

He’s just a legend.

And magick doesn’t exist.

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My Thoughts
Margot is determined to prove once and for all that Cat is a murderer even if that means evading the SAS agent sent to watch her and tracking Cat down in Scotland where things start to get really freaky. It is in Scotland where Margot meets the mysterious lord that legend says kills his lovers when they are unable to free him from his curse. She doesn’t believe in any of that and is definitely not afraid of some man, but she will soon find out that there are far stranger things in this world than she could have imagined.
I loved this story and all of the magic and mystery woven into the tale mixed with a healthy dose of romance.
Margot is a woman who will do whatever it takes to stop a murderer. What she doesn’t count on is love. She really was a great character and I highly enjoyed going on this adventure with her. I believe her experiences help show even though life doesn’t always turn out the way we wanted it too, it always seems to work out in the end.
The romance was beautiful and at times sad. I loved both men in this story just as Margot did and I was satisfied with the way things worked out in the end, though it wasn’t what I expected.
I highly recommend Labyrinth by Tarah Scott to anyone who loves a great mystery with just the right amount of romance.