#3 30 Day Blog Challenge (Alpha Male)

Alpha Male

They can be some of the yummiest heroes with their rock hard abs and wolfish grins.
My favorites have some of the most entertaining banter with the heroine.
They also tend to exude confidence which is really sexy, but can be a pain if they get too bigheaded. This is why even with all of the confidence they exude I do like to see my heroes have a more vulnerable side because it makes them seem more human.

They also have to have a set of values for themselves and no matter how badass or ruthless they can be these values should never be violated. These heroes have honor and wouldn’t even think of hurting a woman or child. These values are also what make him a hero. Without them he would just be a coldhearted and uncaring villain.

They can be very protective of their family, friends, and most of all their lady love. Who doesn’t love it when the hero shows how much he cares for the woman he loves either by fighting off a hoard of demons or even just taking care of her when she’s sick.

Some books with great Alpha Male heroes . . . .
Entire Dark Series by Christine Feehan
Backlash by Karyn Good
Kindred series by Evangeline Anderson

All books by Becca Van

Keegan’s Lady by Catherine Anderson

Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher

Charming the Highlander by Janet Chapman

Moonlight Warrior by Janet Chapman

What do you think of Alpha males in romance novels?


  1. I thanks for the recommendations. They are always welcome.


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