30 Day Blog Post Challenge #8 Dream Bedroom

Dream Bedroom 

Almost everyone has that look for their bedroom that they have thought about, planned, reworked, and if they are lucky have and I am no different. The bedroom I have always wanted has a few different elements that I love and the number one if you haven’t guessed is the bookshelf space.

These shelves are amazing! I have always wanted floor to ceiling bookshelves because when you are a book lover nothing makes you happier than seeing all of your favorite books on display. Especially since the book covers are getting better and better. There are so many beautiful covers nowadays that it is way too easy to break the rule of never judging a book by its cover. I have done this a few times, but luckily they all turned out great! 

Here is an example of one of the amazing new book covers out there:

Now the second item my dream bedroom must have is the color scheme:

I adore bold colors like the dark blues and reds. The Moroccan theme in this room looks gorgeous! I also love the romantic feel to this room and the whimsical decorations on the ceiling.

Finally the third element is the bed:

Surrounded by my favorite books, Perfect!

What are some elements of your dream bedroom? 


  1. Thanks for following me. I'm following you too through GFC, Linky, and Twitter.

    I know this is heresy for a book lover to admit, but I have no bookcases or shelves in my room. All of the books in my bedroom are in my bedside table, on every dresser and flat surfaces, and in the piles of boxes my husband keeps tripping over. We used to live in California and I'm afraid of earthquakes. I know people who have had bookshelves topple. So, I don't want them looming over me while I sleep.

    1. Thanks!

      That's a very good reason not to have any bookshelves. Besides as a book lover all you really need are some books to read and some great friends to share them with(:

  2. Hi, Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I was already following you. :) I'd love the bookshelves in that first picture.

    1. Oh sorry about that I am actually following YA Bound too and didn't realize they were both your blogs(: Thank you so much for stopping by!!


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