Rescuing a Runaway Bride by Honey Jans

Title: Rescuing a Runaway Bride
Author: Honey Jans
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press LLC
Rating: 5 stars
Source: Review Copy


Samantha Logan is a runaway bride. Jake Ramsey is a PI on a stakeout. When they meet in the dark after midnight all their formerly suppressed desires explode. Samantha so needs to prove her sexiness after finding her fiancée in the sack with another woman and Jake has wanted his boss's daughter for years. But will the fire burn out when she learns he’s here to arrest her brother?

To find out come along on the thrill ride as they battle her kinky ex-fiancée, espionage, and each other. Will Jake be able to rescue this runaway bride?

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My Thoughts

When passions explode who will be left standing?

Samantha is running away after finding her would be husband in bed with another woman. On the way she runs into an old friend Jake. Jake has loved her from afar for years and sees his chance to finally have her. Things turn sour when Samantha finds out Jake is really there to arrest her brother. Will they be able to work things our or is this the end to their passionate encounters.

The story was exciting and full of drama and passionate encounters. I couldn't put it down and I only wish it was longer.

Samantha was a intelligent and independent young woman. I liked that she was able to pick herself up and dust herself off even after the horrible incident with her ex-fiance.

Jake is sweet and somewhat mysterious. I had a great time seeing who he really was and how he handled the situation with Samantha and her brother. For all of his faults he really had a great heart and I loved him as a character.

This is a fun and exciting read that fans of romance and suspense will enjoy.