WTF Dragon: Once Upon a Dragon by Dawn Montgomery

WTF Dragon: Once Upon a Dragon by Dawn  Montgomery
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Title: WTF Dragon: Once Upon a Dragon
Dawn Montgomery
Changeling Press LLC
Rating: 5 stars

Source: Review Copy


Five Princesses. Five Dragons. A coincidence? I don't think so.
In the fairytale kingdom of Werthing Ton Fallorian (or WTF for short), fairytale folk have gone insane. With the imps of lust and wickedness on a rampage, no one is safe.
The Quest: Save the world. With sex... and magic? Definitely.
The Complication: Sex is deadly. Magic is broken. And nothing is going right.
Captured by an evil queen, chained to a sexy he-man of incredible proportions, and forced on a quest that no sane person would take, Princess Penelope must travel the treacherous swampland of Andvari. A terrible place of twisted magic where sex and murder are forbidden.
Shane Masters, on the other hand, believes every curse has its loophole, and every rule has a bend.
When their passion ignites, nothing can stop them. Not even death.

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My Thoughts
This is no ordinary fairytale.

The fairytale kingdom is in chaos, the imps of Lust and wickedness are on a rampage and no one is safe. The only way to save their world is through sex and magic. This may seem simple enough, but nothing is what it seems her because  sex is deadly, magic is broken, and nothing seems to be going right. Princess Penelope has been captured by an evil queen and chained to a sexy he-man, and forced to go on a treacherous quest. 
She must travel through the swampland of Andvari where sex and murder are forbidden and twisted magic is everywhere.  The man she has been chained to is named Shane Masters. He believes that every curse has its loophole and every rule a bend, especially where Penelope is concerned.

The story was unique, well written, and so much fun. The story was sexy and had just the right amount of wackiness to have me laughing. I really enjoyed the beautiful descriptions and the fun adventure as well as getting to know each of the characters.

Penelope was a feisty heroine who has had some of the worst luck lately. I loved her character and her interactions with Shane. The chemistry between them is palpable.

Shane is a sexy and mysterious man that is Penelope’s only hope of getting out of this alive. I couldn’t help, but route for Shane when it came to getting these two together. These two were fun, exciting, and had just the right amount of mystery to them to keep me guessing.

This is a fun adventure that puts a new spin on the old fairytales. Fantasy romance fans are sure to enjoy this unique new story and I can’t wait to read more about the princesses.