Propheticus: The Dark Angeli (Volume 3) by Emma Daley

The Dark Angeli (Propheticus, #3)Title: Propheticus: The Dark Angeli (Volume 3)
Author: Emma Daley
Rating: 5 Stars
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In death, everything is stronger. When death itself is no longer a threat, what can harm you? We are invincible. Gone from this world, no one see’s the power that we are given in death. No one can see what we see beyond this world once we are there, and therefore death is feared; unknown. But when you have the power to visit worlds that no one else can, death can do nothing to you but make you stronger. The last and final chapter in the Propheticus series is here! Still not knowing what has happened to her mother, Aniah must try to go on without the ones she loves, and become the warrior the universe needs her to be. While she experiences the darkest of evil, can she find hope to move forward as the day approaches for her to face the Mangitoti de Sangue, the Migliao and the possible downfall of the universe? Does she have what it takes? Or will her crumbling world keep her from fulfilling the Prophecy that everyone is counting on?

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My Thoughts
Stunning Ending to a this page turning series!

The amazing world building in this series continues to amaze in the final installment. There are still plenty of twists and turns to throw you for a loop in this book and the fate or our heroine still hangs in the balance.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book and now I am glad I finally did. Although I am a little sad that its over I am so happy I got to finish it!! Aniah is one of my absolute favorite heroines and she proves why in The Dark Angeli. She is every bit the courageous and strong warrior that she seeks to become. I also admired her for still having a strong heart as well even after having to leave behind her loved ones. She never lets her fate swallow her up and take away the real Aniah which is what I love best about her.

The emotional rollercoaster I have been on throughout this book was exhilarating and I really felt as if I was part of the book for those short hours while reading it. Emma Daley does a wonderful job in creating an action packed fantasy that takes hold of you and never let’s go. I was left thinking about the characters long after the story ended.

For a fast paced adventure full of danger and mystery check out Emma Daley’s Propheticus Series!


  1. Great review! I haven't come across this series before, but I will have to check it out now. Glad you liked it.


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