Playing Hooky by Rita Webb

Title: Playing Hooky
Author: Rita Webb
Rating: 5 Stars 

Source: Review Copy


Valentine’s Day.

And my 21st birthday.


Just another college day full of classes and more homework than is humanly possible.

…until Jason, my best-friend-since-kindergarten, shows up to take me out for the day.

Like old times: the two of us on a wacky adventure, playing hooky from real life. With his lopsided grin and tickets to a circus full of misfits and monsters, he introduces me to a whole new world—one full of magic and mystery—and turns my reality upside down.

Except nothing goes as planned, and we end up running through the city to find a missing siren before someone brews a love potion with her blood.

Sirens and love potions, witches and elves, and Valentine kisses. Nothing will be the same for me again.

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My Thoughts

Sometimes being normal is vastly over rated!

This book sends you on a whirlwind adventure into all things supernatural. The book was fast paced and full of twists and turns keeping you on your toes at every turn of the page. The imaginative writing really made me feel as if I was part of this magical new world. It is a unique new story that will have you eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Not only is this book filled with interesting creatures and tons of adventure it also has plenty of humor as well. These characters never ceased to make me laugh whether it was the banter between Jason and Emma or the crazy antics of their friends.

I loved the relationship between Emma and Jason. They are best friends and you can tell. It was nice to see characters that didn’t just have insta love. There was history between them and even when they were fighting you could tell how much they cared for one another. 

Emma was stubborn and yet sweet. She has a rough time figuring out all of the crazy happenings in her life at the moment and it isn’t helped by her friend Jason. In fact he seems to make things worse, but even so she loves him. She is a fun character to get to know and I hope to find out more in later books.

Jason was definitely the life of the party no matter where he was. He is fun loving and carefree, but he does have his serious moments. It is easy to see he cares deeply for Emma even when he is annoying her. I loved that he could always put a smile on both the reader and Emma’s face.

This is a fun and adventurous new story that fans of fantasy will not want to miss! I cannot wait to see what else happens to these awesome characters.


  1. A book with childhood friends turned into loves?! GIMME GIMME. It's always been a dream of mine to have a romance like that. Alas, I have no guy friends from childhood. Private school problems. *sighs*

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Katie. I think I'd fall in love with this book as well, given a chance!

    Fab review, Katie :D


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