Santa’s Helpers: Her Christmas Elf by Sarah Mäkelä

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Title: Santa’s Helpers: Her Christmas Elf
Author: Sarah Mäkelä
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Review Copy


Traveling alone in Finland around Christmas isn’t exactly what Vera Hayes had imagined she’d be doing. When her longtime boyfriend dumps her before the trip at the last minute, she decides to go anyways. However, she gets lost in a forest in Lapland and starts to panic until she runs into a magical man who looks suspiciously like an elf without the pointy ears. Pekka, one of Santa’s elves, soothes away her worry and helps her find her way back to her cabin, giving her a Christmas Eve to remember.

My Thoughts

What could be better than having your very own Elf on Christmas?

Vera Hayes wasn’t having a very nice Christmas when she found herself traveling alone in Finland. Her boyfriend dumping her had pretty much ruined her Christmas spirit. Just when she thought things couldn’t get even worse she gets lost in a forest in Lapland. Things start looking up when she runs into a magical man who looks suspiciously like an elf. Pekka is in fact one of Santa’s elves and does his best to make this a Christmas she will never forget!

This is a very magical and uplifting story that will make your Christmas a little brighter. It is a short and steamy read that will warm you up even on the coldest winter day. There is some great chemistry between Vera and Pekka that practically sizzles off the page. I also enjoyed getting to know them a little more as well and could definitely see these two as a great couple.

Vera is a fun character and no one can resist Pekka’s easy charm. They both make this a fun and exciting read for romance readers to feel the Christmas spirit all year round!


  1. Nice review! It's a truly unfortunate cover though...

  2. I'm happy you enjoyed Her Christmas Elf! Thank you for reading my book!


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