Wedding Gown Girl by Kathy Bosman

Wedding Gown GirlWritten for The Romance Reviews

Title: Wedding Gown Girl
Author: Kathy Bosman
Publisher: Astraea Press
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Review Copy


Kienna loves dressing up her clients in beautiful gowns at the bridal shop where she works but she doesn't believe in fairy-tale weddings or happily ever afters. After all, her prince turned out to be a frog, and her divorce broke her heart. So when she realizes one of her brides doesn't love her groom, she tries to warn him. If only he would listen, she could help him avoid her same fate.

Blake is sure Rachelle loves him but she leaves him at the altar. He should have listened to the wedding gown girl's warning. He should have been hurt, but instead he's only relieved--and in pursuit of the woman who tried to save him from a broken heart. If only she'd trust him not to be like her ex. Doesn't she know that when he says he loves her, it means forever?

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My Thoughts
Never say never to love!

Kienna loves to help others on their wedding day, but no longer believes in marriage herself. Her divorce broke her heart and took away her belief in Happily Ever Afters. So when she realizes one of the brides doesn’t really love her groom she does her best to save him the same heartache she had, but he won’t listen.  Blake the groom is positive that his fiancĂ© loves him, but when she leaves him at the altar he wishes he would have listened to Kienna. Surprisingly he only felt relieved after his fiancĂ©’s departure. Now he has fallen hard for the woman who tried to save him. If only she would trust him and know that when he says he loves her it means forever. 

This is a sweet and heartwarming story about finding love when you no longer believe in it. I loved the emotion in this story and seeing Kienna finally learn to love again. The story really makes you believe in the power of love.

Kienna is a sweet, but disillusioned woman. I liked her and was glad to see her grow as a person throughout the story. She is one of those characters that you could see yourself becoming friends with.

Blake is a charming man who charming man who knew how to get to Kienna. I liked that even though he was left at the altar that he wasn’t devastated and REAM I liked that even though he was left at the altar that he wasn’t devastated and realized that his ex wasn’t really the one for him. He knew what he wanted and went after it. He also didn’t let past mistakes get in the way of his future.

This is a great story to fall in love with!