How to...Support Authors

Buy the book

The best way to support authors is to buy their books. Not only does this help the author stay in business, but it shows them that their books are loved and appreciated.

Don't sell ARC's

It takes a lot of money to produce ARC's (Advanced Reading Copies) and it comes out of the pocket of the author. If you are one of the lucky few who are able to obtain an Arc it would be disrespectful to turn around and sell it to make a profit. If you would just like to make room on your bookshelf then the best way is to give it to another reader, donate it to a local library, or if you are a blogger use it in a giveaway. This way you are making room and helping the author by giving more people a chance to read their book.

Click the Like button on Amazon next to the book

This is a fast, free, and simple way to help authors out and get their books noticed.


Not only will get your book as soon as it comes out, but you will show publishers that this is a popular book and give them an idea of how in demand the books are, which will of course help out the authors.

Leave a review

 Leaving a review of a book lets the author know how you felt about this book and helps to inform others about it. It is also simple. You do not need a 300 word review, even a one sentence review would help. 

Here are a few places where you can leave a review:

Amazon - Barnes and Noble - Book Depository - Shelfari - Goodreads

Join or Create a fan page
 By joining a fan page you are showing your support for an author and you can find fellow fans to talk to that share your passion. Its a win-win situation.
Get the Word Out

Simply by talking about books and letting others know will help promote Authors' work and maybe get them a few new fans.

Now Get Out There and Get Promoting!

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  1. Yes! Authors definitely need the support. They are our rockstars after all :D


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