Edge Walkers by Shannon Donnelly

Edge Walkers: An SF/Paranormal RomanceWritten for The Romance Reviews

Title: Edge Walkers
Author: Shannon Donnelly
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Review Copy


Warning: This is an edgy SF/Paranormal Romance--meaning characters who curse (a lot), and sex.

On the other side of the Rift—the blackness that separates dimensional realities—a world exists, but just barely. Edge Walkers—things made of energy that feed off electrical impulses—have feed too long off this world. Now they’re looking for new feeding grounds. New bodies to take over and animate into the walking dead. And scientist Carrie Brody accidentally opens a doorway to Earth.

Stuck on the wrong side of that door in a deadly world, Carrie’s only help is a man, Gideon Chant, who also slipped over to this world. But while Gideon is willing to help her to a point, he's also a man with his own agenda and the weight of a secret. He has given up on a future for himself to correct a mistake from his past.

Can Carrie fix her own mistakes and put the Walkers back into the Rift for god? Or will those fixes cost her Gideon—or perhaps even her life?

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My Thoughts

Somethings are better left unknown

Afteraccidentally opening a doorway to another dimension she becomes trapped on thewrong side of the door and into an unknown and very deadly world. Her onlychance at survival is a man named Gideon. However, Gideon has is own agenda anda secret that could change everything. If things weren’t bad enough Carrie alsomade it possible for the Edge walkers, things made of energy that feed offelectrical impulses, to come into our world where they won’t stop untileverything has been devoured. Can Carrie fix her mistake and put the Walkersback into their own dimension or will those fixes cost her Gideon and even herown life?

Full of mystery and action this was one book I could not put down. The plot is fast paced, edgy, and I was intrigued by the Edge Walkers themselves.

Carrie is a smart woman and I liked that she didn't just give up and leave things as they were when she made the mistake of opening that doorway. It was terrifying and unknown, but she faced her fears in order to try and right her wrong.  She was an interesting character and someone I would definitely want fighting on my side when things got rough.

Gideon was mysterious and had some mistakes of his own to fix, but he was also kind and loyal. Gideon was interesting and different. I really liked getting to know him in this story.

There was no Insta love in this story. Instead it was slow and was built up over the course of the story. It was nice to see them get to understand each other better and come to trust one another as they slowly fell in love. 

The Edge Walkers were well thought out and brought out an interesting aspect to the story. They were terrifying and yet you couldn't help, but be intrigued by them at the same time.

For a sweet action packed romance check out Edge Walkers!