Wish by Beth Bracken and Kay Fraser

Title: Wish
Author: Beth Bracken and Kay Fraser
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Review Copy, Netgalley


With one wish made in Willow Forest, Soli and Lucy are pulled into Faerieground – and into the middle of an ancient battle. In the faerie kingdom, an evil queen searches for her daughter while the palace crumbles. To save her best friend, Soli must find her hidden strength. This is a story about friendship, growing up, and the power of wishes. This is a story about faeries and spells, queens and lost princesses, fireflies and four-leaf clovers. But mostly, this is a story about love.

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My Thoughts

Wishes really do come true.

This story is a beautiful example of a fun and lighthearted young adult book. Many of the YA book today are dark romances and have the well known bad boy, but this one is different and it was one of the things I liked most. There was whimsy, danger, and two best friends who would do anything to save each other. The emotion packed into these pages was heartwarming and sweet. I also enjoyed the meeting the different creatures and learning more about the faerieground.

The voices of these two characters were different and yet complemented each other. I really liked hearing both of their POV’s. I also liked how real their characters were and seeing the depth of their friendship. I could easily have pictured me and my best friend when we were that young.

I would recommend this book to all age groups, but especially to the younger generation of girls who I think would really enjoy the whimsy and magical feeling of Faerieground.