Ours by Hazel Gower

The Romance ReviewOurs (The Bears, #2)Written for The Romance Reviews

Title: Ours
Author: Hazel Gower
Rating: 4 Stars
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Source: Review Copy

After being dragged to the gym by her best friend to learn self-defense, Sandy is blown away by the gorgeous instructors, Jake and Zack. But they’re also Neanderthals like her brothers, so getting involved with them is off limits.

Shifter cousins, Jake and Zack are instantly captivated and aroused by the feisty redhead, which fate has brought into their lives. Rather than confess their love in the more traditional way, they break into her house, undress and show her she’s their mate in a much more physical way.

Can Sandy resist the two men? Or will they convince her their bond and passion will still give her the freedom she craves?

My Thoughts

Who’s been sleeping in her bed?

Sandy is fed up with overprotective men like her father and brothers. That’s why when she meets gorgeous self defense instructors Zack and Jake she tries to steer clear of them. Besides there is no way they would be interested in her anyway, or so she thought. Jake and Zack are bear shifters and the minute she walks into the gym they know she is their one true mate. The hard part will be convincing Sandy of that.

For Sandy finding two hot men in her bed wasn’t such a bad thing, but when they refused to leave things got a little heated.

This was a fast paced romance that was full of mischief and some heated fun. I couldn’t put it down. The characters were well thought out and were loads of fun. I liked that the heroine was sassy and never let her men walk all over her. The only downside to this story was that I felt that it was a bit too fast at some points.

Sandy was a sweet woman who knew how to throw a punch. Although she loves her two Alpha males to death she also knew when to draw the line. I loved her caring nature as

well and felt that she would be someone you could depend on through thick and thin. Her fiery nature definitely kept Zack and Jake in line.

Jake is a cop and the more cool natured one, but he was also the more domineering of the two. He had a sweet side that I really loved and so did Sandy. However, he was always trying to take responsibility for everything and that could take its toll. Which is why I liked that Sandy was always there to comfort him even when she was mad.

The more laid back of the two was definitely Zack who ran a tattoo shop. He was goofy and fun loving, but was also very protective of his loved ones. He always knew how to cheer Sandy up even when she was having a bad day.

For a wild and fun romance check out Ours!