Jewel by Ashlynn Monroe

JewelWritten by The Romance Reviews

Title: Jewel
Author: Ashlynn Monroe
Loose Id LLC
Rating: 4 Stars


Jewel's father, the smuggler king, decides to take his honorary title a step too far when he offers her in trade for an army and a secure port to do his illegal business. She finds herself on the run from her father, and the evil mutant prince who wants to impregnate her with his heir.

Jewel faces a brutal world alone as she attempts her escape. With a fortune in bounty on her head, she soon discovers staying free isn't as easy as she'd hoped it would be, but her cunning and fighting skill help her evade capture time and again.

Only one bounty hunter, Rion, is man enough to capture her, but she's also the true mate to his inner wolf. When he makes love with her, the act of taking her virginity bonds him to this woman of worth. Now, keeping his mate alive and safe make Rion and his friends wanted men.

Rion can only think of one way to insure his woman remain safe, she needs a guardian. Rion asks his mentor, Makis, and the other shifter agrees to bond with the woman. Can Jewel find love and happiness with both men?

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My Thoughts

It takes two, baby!

Jewel has finally had it with her so called father after he trades her for an army and a secure port to do his illegal business. She flees and with her cunning and fighting skill manages to evade capture. She refuses to be caught and subjected to the evil mutant prince who wants to impregnate her.

Rion is an excellent bounty hunter and the only one with enough skill to finally capture Jewel. Surprisingly though she turns out to be his true mate and he would do anything to keep her safe. The threat to them is too great to fight alone, however so in order to protect his newfound mate Rion enlists the help of his mentor Makis and they both bond her to them. Will they be able to evade capture? Will Jewel be able to find love and happiness with both men?

This is a fast paced romance that will leave readers breathless. I really enjoyed the dynamic relationship between these three. They all have their own unique personalities, but they blend together wonderfully.

Jewel is a ferocious, independent, and strong willed woman. She has not always known kindness, but it will take a strong man or men to handle her. I really enjoyed seeing how things played out for her she was a great heroine.

Makis and Rion are equal parts fire and ice and when they get together with Jewel things heat up very quickly. I loved these two and felt that they made wonderful partners for Jewel.

The storylines was exciting and full of action at every turn of the page. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes a hot scorching romance.