Endre by St Bende

Endre (The Elsker Saga #2)am bn 
Title: Endre
Author: St Bende
Publisher:  Entranced Publishing, Rush
Rating: 5 Stars
Sometimes, finding your destiny means doing the exact opposite of what The Fates have planned.

Winning the heart of an immortal assassin was a dream come true for Kristia Tostenson. Now she’s knee deep in wedding plans, goddess lessons, and stolen kisses. But her decision to become immortal could end in heartbreak -- not only for Kristia, but for the god who loves her. Because while Ull would do anything to protect his bride, even the God of Winter is powerless against the Norse apocalypse. Ragnarok is coming. And the gods aren’t even close to ready.

My Thoughts
It has only begun!

After all they have been through Kristia is finally able to plan her dream wedding to Ull. Between that and Goddess training she has a lot of things on her plate. Things aren't all sunshine and roses between the two, however, with the upcoming apocalypse threatening to tear there new found happiness apart forever. The second installment is jammed packed with action and suspense leaving me turning each page in anticipation of what was to come next. Not to mention the amount of steamy moments between Kristia and Ull. They were definitely my favorite parts of the book.

Kristia is as strong as ever and dealing with each new challenge as it comes. I really admired her spirit and determination to become a Goddess that Ull would be proud of. She still needs a lot of training, but thankfully Ull is more than happy to help her with that, which gave us a few very MEMORABLE moments between the two.

Ull is so sweet and understanding. Kristia is one lucky girl to have found him even though they still have many trials ahead of them. I loved seeing these two together and you can really feel the chemistry between them.

For more action packed adventure and steamy romance check out the second installment of the Elsker Saga "Endre"!


  1. This sounds like a very interesting take on mythology. Glad you enjoyed it.


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