Unmasking the Knight by Terri Lyndie

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Title: Unmasking the Knight
Author: Terrie Lyndie
Rating: 4 Stars
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UNMASKING THE KNIGHT is a historical romance novella. In the year 906 A.D. the Kingdom of Mercia, England withstood Viking attacks. Ranulf was only a boy of sixteen when he was forced into service for the king's army. He returns home five years later as a fierce warrior who wears a mask to hide his scars. Fearing he is too hideous for the eyes of Gisella, his childhood love, he disguises his identity and allows her to believe he is dead until he learns the Druid priest, Savarin, is forcing Gisella to marry. Ranulf decides he must intervene to insure Gisella finds a proper spouse, but he soon learns love is blind, and a mask is but a slip of cloth.


My Thoughts
Love is Blind

In 906 A.D. Mercia, England was defending themselves against Viking attacks. At that time Ranulf was only sixteen and forced to fight in the King's army. Years later he returns, but with scars that he hides with a mask. Fearing he is too hideous for his old love Gisella he lets her believe he is dead, but after hearing that she is being forced to marry, tries to intervene to make sure Gisella can find a proper spouse. However, sparks fly and in the end a mask is but a slip of cloth.

This is such a sweet and heartwarming romance, I didn't want it to end. The chemistry between Gisella and Ranulf was electric and I couldn't help, but root for them. I also really liked the childhood love aspect. It gave their relationship a bit more depth and made their short courtship more realistic.

Ranulf is such a sweet hero, for all his scars he has a heart of gold. His love for Gisella ran deep and I admired his determination and willingness to do what he thought was right to help the one he loved.

Gisella was a wonderful woman who I found to be the perfect match for Ranulf. It wasn't hard to see how he fell in love with her in the first place. She is intelligent, giving, and she loved Ranulf just as fiercely as he loved her. She was a fun character to get to know.

I only wish their story was longer, but it was a sweet and heartwarming love story that I am sure to read again and again!