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The Accidental Witch
The Darkest Arts Series
Book 1
Jessica Penot

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing


Number of pages: 276
Word Count: 85,000

Book Description:

Phaedra Michaels is a small town psychologist who is beginning to lose hope. Two of her patients at the local hospital in Dismal, Alabama have just killed themselves, she’s still reeling from her divorce and what turned out to be a disastrous marriage, and her father has died, leaving her without any notion of who her real mother is. 

Just as Phaedra decides to commit herself to a serious drinking problem and an eating disorder, or two, a mysterious spell book arrives in the mail. Feeling desperate, Phaedra uses it to cast spells to save her fading patients. Suddenly, good things start happening.  Phaedra’s patients begin to get better and she even starts dating the sexy doctor from the hospital.

Phaedra is so happy she doesn't notice the small things that start to go wrong in Dismal, or the dark creatures slithering out of the shadows near her house. When Phaedra finally realizes her spells have attracted every card-carrying demon from hell, she has no choice but to accept help from a slightly nerdy, 500 year-old warlock with a penchant for wearing super hero T-shirts and a knack for getting under Phaedra’s skin. Now, if only she could get the hang of this witch thing, she might be able to save her town.   


Rating: 5 Stars

I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.

Firstly I would like to thank the author and the tour organizers for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this fabulous book.

I really enjoyed reading this story a lot. The concept is great and the blurb interested me and I'm so glad to say that the whole story didn't disappoint me at all rather it fascinated me.

The world building is awesome and I really got involved in this story and became  part of the fantastic surroundings that the author presented here through her skilled words and writing style.

The characters are great and after a long time I got to be a part of a woman's journey who isn't a teenager or a college goer and has some realistic problems rather than high school politics and plastic [mean girls] nemesis. The trouble and depression through which Phaedra is suffering made my heart ache for her and this fact made her more and more believable. A disastrous marriage and the load of work made her life hell until she got some magic spell books. Well that isn't unbelievable, right? Who knows someday maybe we would end up getting magic spell books mailed. LOL!!!

The concept is fresh and the suspense regarding the outcome of the spell usage on Phaedra's life as well as on the lives of the town people really kept me hooked in. Will Phaedra be able to get things on track? What will she do? Will the 500 year old Warlock be any good to get help from?

A whole lot of suspense and mystery will keep you busy and you'll turn the pages on and on till there is no more left to turn. I didn't want this story to end and really enjoyed a little detour than my usual teen reads and I would never ever regret my decision of picking up this awesome-sauce book. Go for it guys, you will love it!!!


It is amazing how the most world-changing days can seem entirely mundane to begin with. Friday the 13th seemed no different than any other day to me. I woke up late, as always, and rushed to get dressed and make it to the car with my usual box of animal crackers and diet cola. I pulled my shoes on as I backed out of the driveway and ate while I drove to work.

I was late to work, but just early enough to not be noticed as late. The small hospital where I worked was a blip in a vast nowhere and the small psychiatric floor I worked on was a blip in a blip. I was a blip within a blip within a blip, making me practically nothing. I could’ve died in my sleep and the world would barely belch. I liked to think that I was good at what I did. I liked to think that even though I was a nothing, I made a difference in the patients’ lives. I was one of those deluded people that believed in saving the world one person at a time. I guess I still am. Certainly, I was one of the few people that actually cared about the patients. The management didn’t care that I cared. Management was too busy trying to balance the books and keep the floor profitable to care what the staff did with the patients. I could take all the patients outside and have them moo like cows and management wouldn’t care as long as I billed it as a recreational therapy group and got the proper reimbursement.


1.       How will you describe your book within a sentence? 
·         A small town psychologist turns to the dark arts when traditional medicine stops working and she pulled into a wold of sex and magic. 
2.       Tell us about your favourite one among the characters of your own book? What special qualities make the particular character your favourite?
·         I love Fred.  I like him because despite his wisdom and years of experience he still doesn't take life too seriously. 
3.       Your least favourite character from your book and why? 
·         I don’t like Millie much.  She’s based on a nurse I used to know that drove me nuts.  She always acted like everyone who was sick was doing it on purpose just to ruin her day.  There are so many good nurses, but one bad nurse like her can ruin a hospital stay for patients.  
4.      If you get a chance of living the life of one of the characters of your book then which one would it be
·         I would be Phaedra.  Every day I went into work on the psychiatric floor I wished I would get a book of dark magic that could help me, but it never came.  It would be wonderful to actually get that book and to have even a little of Phaedra’s power. 
5.      Genres you like to read? Genres you prefer to write?   
·         I love to read almost everything.  Right now I’m reading The Golem and the Jinni and I’m loving it.  Books are my favourite thing.  I love fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal romance, steampunk, historical fiction, and nonfiction, but I will read almost anything if it is good.  I like to write speculative fiction and ghost stories.  I like having an aspect of the paranormal in my stories.  I’m most at home when I’m writing about ghosts and witches. 
6.       When and how did the thought of this story come up? 
·         My supervisor once looked at me and said, “Don’t you wish there was a magic wand that could help everyone here?”  She was joking, but I thought it was a wonderful idea for a book.  I don’t have a magic wand, but it is magic none the less.
7.       How do you plan out your writing?
·         I spend a lot of time planning my stories in my head before I write.  By the time I sit down to write, I already know what I am going to write.
8.       Tell us about your inspiration and how it motivated you to become a writer?  
·         I am most inspired by haunted places and old ghost stories.  In The Accidental Witch, The Moody Brick inspired the setting.  It is a haunted plantation with a wicked history.  I always wanted to be a writer.  Books helped me survive my childhood and I couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than writing my own books.
9.       How do you feel now that you’re a published writer? Are you satisfied with your achievement
·         I am never really satisfied.  There is always more to achieve and accomplish.
10.   Do you prefer self-publishing or the traditional form of publishing
·         I prefer traditional publishing.
11.   Describe yourself in 3 words. 
·         Writer. Therapist. Mother.  
12.   Any secret or fact about you that will surprise your readers and others as well? 
·         I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro while I was pregnant.
13.   Three most important things that an amateur writer must keep in mind while writing his first book.   
·         I would just say keep writing and find a good agent.
14.   How do you spend your leisure time except for writing? Are you into sports
·         I am not into sports.  I have three children and don’t have much time for anything but family and work, but in my spare time I read.  Before my horde of children, I used to love to hike, paint, scuba dive, and climb. 
15.   Your favourite vacation destination? Had it ever became the place where you based any of yours book? If yes, then which one?
·         Almost all my books have real settings.   I have a middle grade booking coming out set in a village I stayed at in France.  The Accidental Witch is set in the Moody Brick.  Circe is set at Searcy State Mental Hospital.   I have an endless fascination with places.  My favourite vacation destination is France.  I love old castles.
16.   Did you always wanted to be a writer? If not then what was your previous ambition and what made you change your decision and step in the field of writing
·         I always wanted to be a writer.  I went into psychology because I was told I needed a real job, but I love psychology now that I am part of the field.  I guess I like both my jobs.
17.   Are you currently working on a project? If yes, would you like your readers to have a sneak peek into it? 
·         I am working on the next book in The Accidental Witch series.  I would love for my readers to have a sneak peak, but it may be another month or so before that peak is ready.
18.   Your top three favourite authors?   
·         Frank Herbert.  Anne Rice.  Simone Saint James.
19.   Your top three favourite books of all time? 
·         Dune.  The Life of Pi.  The Hunger Games
20.   Any suggestions or advice for the upcoming writers on editing and publishing their books
·         I can’t say to find a good agent enough times.  I couldn't live without my agent.  She makes all the difference.

 About the Author:

Jessica Penot is a therapist who lives in Alabama with her 2 corgis, cat, sons, husband and other strange creatures. She is the author of Haunted North Alabama, Haunted Chattanooga, and Circe.

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