Jan 13, 2014

Alien Mine by Sandra Harris

Alien, Mine
Title: Alien Mine
Author: Sandra Harris
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4 Stars



Torn from modern day Earth and stranded on the far side of the Galaxy, Sandrea Fairbairn must use every particle of courage she possesses to adjust to her new life and live for tomorrow.

Eugen Mhartak, a general in the Tri-Race Alliance Army, refuses to bow to the merciless Bluthen. Haunted by the loss of far too many innocent lives he has vowed to drive the ruthless invaders from Alliance space.

The strength and valor of Eugen Mhartak attracts Sandrea as no man ever has, but she struggles to read the enigmatic general’s heart. Determined to help him triumph over the Bluthen she uncovers a diabolical plot against the Alliance.

Drawn by the courage and exotic beauty of Sandrea, Mhartak battles to overcome the barriers of cross-cultural differences that separate them and claim her ardent interest. He must conquer his deepest fears to be the man she needs. When his principles are betrayed by his own government and he is faced with the impossible prospect of taking Sandrea’s life in order to save his home planet, Mhartak desperately searches for a way to keep safe both his world and the magnificent woman who has stolen his heart.

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My Thoughts

Sandrea has been torn from Earth and stranded on the far side of the Galaxy where she must summon every bit of courage she hast in order to adjust to her chaotic new life that is becoming even more dangerous by the minute. There the Bluthen live and they have one goal, to dominate every species they encounter.  Eugen is a general in the Tri Race alliance army and refuses to bow down to the merciless Bluthen. He attracts Sandrea like no other, but his heart is hidden from her. Eugen is in turn intrigued by Sandrea, but when he has to choose between her and his race what will he do?

With a memorable cast of characters and non stop action this thrilling story is out of this world. The world building was really well done and the unique race of aliens was really fun to learn about. 

Sandrea was a courageous young woman. I really admire her strength and determination. Its not easy adjusting to an alien lifestyle, but she does her best to stay alive and even more importantly she isn't hardened by the experience. Despite her circumstances she is really kindhearted and willing to help others in need.

Eugen is an honorable general and wants nothing more than to protect his home and others from the terrible Bluthen. He is compassionate and sweet even when things get rough he tries to do the right thing. I really liked getting to know him and watch the love between him and Sandrea grow.

 For an out of this world adventure look no further than "Alien Mine" by Sandra Harris!

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