Cursed by Lizzy Ford

Title: Cursed
Author: Lizzy Ford
Publisher: Evatopia
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 5 Stars


The Red Man is coming ...

Five years after her sister disappeared, seventeen-year-old Adrienne finds the strength to return to her father’s home in New Orleans. But soon after she arrives, the mark of a curse appears on her, leaving her worried. Will she be the next victim of a four-hundred-year old family curse ... the next to be claimed by a serial killer roaming the back alleys of the city?

The day before his senior year begins, Jayden is given a skeleton key passed down through his family for generations -- a gruesome reminder of how his ancestors betrayed their own people and sold them into slavery. He doesn’t believe in the curse the key allegedly bears and puts it away with the intention of forgetting about its message. Until he meets Adrienne, a girl he’s compelled to for more reasons than her beauty.

He’s not the only one who notices her. A man in a skeleton mask and a voodoo gang member are also drawn to Adrienne. One is determined to protect her. The other intends to mislead her. Haunted by the mythical Red Man, all are connected to the ancient curse.

Can they overcome their misgivings about one another and prevent the dark prophecy looming over them? Or will they be lured away from each other by evil’s siren song?

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My Thoughts
A spine tingling mystery that is just beginning....
Adrienne is finally coming home to New Orleans while preaparing to go to an elite school. However, when she returns to the place her sister disappeared from five years ago things get way out of hand. Not long after she arrives the mark of the curse appears on her and she fears she will fall victim to the same fate as her sister. This is a story full of mystery and magic a that will keep you on your toes and have you eager for more! I loved learning about the different types of voodoo and discovering all of the mysteries of the curse.
Adrienne is a strong and a courageous young girl, but even all of her courage might not be enough to save her from the curse. She meets Jayden and a mysterious man in a voodoo mask. Uncertain who she can trust she must work together with Jayden in order to prevent the dark prophecy from coming true. Her interactions with Jayden are interesting and funny at times. I really like these two together and felt that the really helped each other to grow.
Jayden doesn't believe in magic, but after meeting Adrienne he's not so sure. He was an interesting character that I had a great time getting to know. I can't wait to see more of him and Adrienne in future books.
For an exciting new series filled with magic and mystery check out "Cursed"!