Falling for the Teacher by Dorothy Clark

Title: Falling for the Teacher
Author: Dorothy Clark
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 5 Stars
Love Is Never Where You Expect….
Though she once fled from Pinewood, Sadie Spencer can't stay away when her ailing grandparents need her. But she never expected to come face-to-face with the brother of the man who caused her to leave town. Sadie doesn't care how honest or kind Cole Aylward may seem—she isn't about to let him continue managing her family's business.
Cole has worked hard to prove he's nothing like his brother. All he wants is to try to make up for the hurt Payne caused her family. But slowly Sadie's quiet determination and bravery helps him face his own fears. Can Cole convince her he's a man worthy of the trust she longs to give?

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My Thoughts
A return worth waiting for.

Sadie was forced from her home because of a tragic attack, but not even the horrible memories could keep her away when she finds out about her ailing grandparents. Things aren't made any easier when she meets her attackers brother Cole. She doesn't care how honest or kind he seems she is determined to avoid him. This is a story of love and overcoming ones fears. Sadie must realize Cole is not his brother and so does Cole. He fears being mistrusted because of the deeds of his brother and so wants Sadie to leave. Soon these two learn that fear can be overcome and love is stronger than anything else.

Sadie is a strong and beautiful young woman. She is kind, caring, and hast an inner strength that even Cole can see. I really admired her loyalty to her family and how she took care of them even when times got hard. I also liked to see how she grew throughout the story.

Cole is a honorable man, but because of the deeds of his brother he has been trying to prove his honesty to the town and everyone else. I liked his character and had fun getting to know him. He is a nice guy and I enjoyed seeing him slowly fall in love with Sadie.

The romance was sweet and nicely paced. Sadie and Cole had a nice relationship that was built on trust and friendship.

For a sweet and tender romance with memorable characters check out "Falling for the Teacher".