To Have and To Hold by Leigh Greenwood

Title: To Have and To Hold
Author: Leigh Greenwood
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 5 Stars

He'll protect her from her nightmares, but who will protect his heart?
The Blaine brothers learned how to survive at a young age the hard way. But after a life of working odd jobs, Colby thinks he might just be ready to settle down. Until his fiancé jilts him for a man with more money. Naomi Kessling is already plagued by nightmares and a violent past when her wagon train is attacked. Colby saves her life, but Naomi is convinced he's been sent by the army to arrest her for a crime she can't remember. Colby will help her face her nightmares, but will her love be enough to break down the wall he's built around his heart?

My Thoughts

Love comes at the most unexpected times.

 Colby has been jilted once before and has no intention of falling in love again. However, when he finds Naomi and rescues her from an attack he starts to become unsure. Slowly, but surly this woman is turning his whole world upside down. Naomi wants to trust Colby, but fears he is sent by the army to arrest her for a crime she can't remember. This is a story of hope, love, and second chances. The romance was nicely paced and there was definitely some mystery surrounding Naomi. I had a great time figuring out what had happened to Naomi and seeing these two slowly fall in love.

Naomi is a frightened young girl with a strong heart. She has been through some rough times, but still fights for her life. She was sweet and kind I had a great time getting to know her. I also liked seeing her grow as a person throughout the story. She was fun and courageous and it was easy to see how Colby could fall in love with her.

Colby is an honorable man who has not had the best luck in love. He is tough and works hard for what he's got. I really enjoyed getting to know him and seeing his softer side when it came to Naomi. He was a tough one to crack, but eventually he was head over heels for Naomi. They are a great pair and I loved seeing them together.

For a sweet romance and fun mystery check out "To Have and To Hold".