Book Review: The Ending Series by Lindsey Fairleigh, Lindsey Pogue !!!

Title: After The End
Author: Lindsey Fairleigh, Lindsey Pogue
Published On: February 21, 2013
Publisher: L2 Books
Source: NetGalley



The Virus spread. Billions died. The Ending began. We may have survived the apocalypse, but the Virus changed us.

When people started getting sick, “they” thought it was just the flu. My roommate, my boyfriend, my family…they’re all gone now. I got sick too. I should have died with them—with the rest of the world—but I didn’t. I thought witnessing the human population almost disappear off the face of the earth was the craziest thing I’d ever experience. I was so wrong. My name is Dani O’Connor, and I survived The Ending.

The Virus changed everything. The world I knew is gone, and life is backwards. We’ve all had to start over. I’ve been stripped of my home, my dreams…all that is me. I’m someone else now—broken and changed. Other survivors’ memories and emotions haunt me. They invade my mind until I can no longer separate them from my own. I won’t let them consume me. I can’t. My name is Zoe Cartwright, and I survived The Ending.

We’ve been inseparable for most of our lives, and now our friendship is all we have left. The aftermath of the Virus has stranded us on opposite sides of the United States. Trusting strangers, making sacrifices, killing—we’ll do anything to reach one another. Fear and pain may be unavoidable, but we’re strong…we’re survivors. But to continue surviving in this unfamiliar world plagued by Crazies and strange new abilities, we have to adapt. We have to evolve.

And more than anything, we have to find each other.


 Title: Into The Fire
Author: Lindsey Fairleigh, Lindsey Pogue
Published On: November 22, 2013
Publisher: L2 Books
Source: NetGalley


The Virus changed them, but that was only the beginning…
…all that remains is hope.

In the wake of destruction left behind by the Virus, it took Dani and Zoe months to find each other. But their reunion was short-lived. Dani has been taken, and though little distance separates them, they might as well be worlds apart.

From the moment she hears Dani’s scream, Zoe’s only goal is to save her best friend. She and her companions scramble to come up with a rescue plan, but when a ghost from Jake’s past reappears, lines are blurred, decisions become harder, and secrets are revealed…and some secrets are best left buried. To keep heartache and fear from consuming her, Zoe must cling to her determination. She WILL see Dani again.

Dani awakens inside the final hold-out of civilization: the Colony. Remnants of the former world surround her—electricity, safety, social order—but all is not what it seems. As she faces her most manipulative adversary yet, she loses sight of who she is and who she can trust. Friends become enemies, enemies become allies, and allies will betray her. Dani will have to decide what she’s willing to do and whose lives she’s willing to risk if she is to have any chance of breaking free.

My Thoughts:

Rating: 5 Stars

I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.

Firstly I would like to thank the author and the publisher for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this books.

Well, well, well, I think I'm falling in love with the Dystopian Genre. I mean why wouldn't I, right now this genre is the best out there and I'm so happy to say that these books are a gem in this genre. After a long time I read a story that involves the love of two friends for each other and their struggle to meet. I loved the way the author portrayed the unbreakable friendship of Zoe and Dani. Both girls touched my heart and I loved the true and pure feeling they had for each other and in this tragic situation too they do all they can to meet up but their meeting doesn't last long and Dani is taken away from Zoe and in the second installment we witness the heartfelt and true hardship that Zoe undergoes to get Dani back and on the other hand Dani faces her own monsters and the change in surroundings also changes her view towards her very own known world that got destroyed in a virus attack. But is that the only truth or there are other facets of this truth? Are the people whom the girls think as their allies are really guarding them or are they manipulating their knowledge about the outcome of this virus attack. Are the enemies their well-wishers? Now it's time to find out!!!

Great books and the mystery nearly knocked me over and my god the suspense just took my breath away. I loved the characters very much, they were well portrayed and kept developing till the very end. I loved Zoe the most but Dani also touched my heart. The mysterious boys are also one of the attractions of this story.

Over all I loved the ending very much and I never saw that coming. I'm really very impressed and I know that you guys will love it too so go ahead and read it!!! Enjoy!!! 


  1. I was reading the first book before my kindle decided to kick the bucket and I was enjoying the story, oh gosh and I was hooked so I was so sad when i couldn't read it, hopefully I can pick it up again soon.


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