Dazzle Me, Friday?

Dazzle Me, Friday?
Normally I do this on Thursday, but this week I didn't so instead of waiting till next week I am going to do Dazzle Me Friday! This is because I have found not only a beautiful cover, but an equally beautiful story in Luke Geraghty's "Torrodil".

What do you think? Gorgeous!

War brews in the world of Torrodil, and Anna Gray is too busy drinking hooch to give a kruk.
But when the enemy lays waste to her home, Anna unleashes a terrible power – one that teems beneath her skin, inviting her to tear apart the earth itself.
Forced into the wild, Anna must battle through jungle rapids and desert wastes to find the women who share her gift, joined by a best friend one quiver away from browning his trousers. Yet the greatest danger lies within.

If you would like to learn more about the author or his story you can go to his website here