Finding the Lost (The Sentinel Wars) by Shannon K. Butcher

 Title: Finding the Lost (The Sentinel Wars)
Author: Sannon K. Butcher
Source: Bought
Rating: 5 Stars


Sentinel warrior Paul has been searching for centuries for a woman like Andra. To find her, he strikes a bargain with a bloodhunter that could cost him his life. Now, his desire for Andra threatens to destroy his much-needed control. Against her wishes, Andra agrees to join Paul on a journey fraught with danger- and leading directly to the Synestryn who victimized her family eight years ago.

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My Thoughts

With a badass heroine and a rough and wild warrior things are bound to get crazy. I really enjoyed this book because it was very fast paced and left no time for it to get mundane at all. The romantic scenes were sweet and only added to the story line instead of completely dominating it. The back story was added to as well in this installment of the "Sentinel Wars". Very interesting facts were learned about a certain character in particular. Secondary characters were given enough time in the spotlight without completely taking away from the main pair. All of the action scenes were exciting without having to add any unnecessary swearing just to prove how tough the hero was. In fact even the action scenes were unneeded because it was very obvious how tough he was, but he also had a softer side which only served to endear me to him even more. Great read!