My Thoughts on Banned Books

We have been encouraging our children to read for years and yet every year we take more and more books away from them because they have material that to certain individuals is not appropriate for them. I do not believe this is right because much of the material that is believed to be inappropriate by one may not be so for another. To take away the choice not only from our children, but from fellow parents and readers alike should be criminal. Just because one person does not like the content of a book does not mean that others
will think the same.

 Harry Potter is one of the more famous banned books. Mostly because it has witches and wizards as the main characters and many believe it will teach children to worship the devil or learn black magic. Personally this seems ridiculous to me because after reading the book I know for a fact that there is hardly if any actual magic and it is certainly not black magic. In fact the themes taught in the books are of friendship, courage, the power of love, and doing what’s right. Who wouldn’t want their children to read and learn about these themes? Most importantly it has caused many to actually enjoy reading (myself included).

Also another book that has been banned recently is “And Tango Makes Three”. It is about a baby penguin that has been adopted by two male penguins. This is being banned because parents say it has gay undertones. Ok this might be just me, but what is this world coming to when we won’t even allow our children to read a book because it has animals with same sex parents. I mean come on really? Should we ban “The Lion King” next because we don’t want our children seeing violent animals?

Anyways these are just my thoughts on the subject. I would love to hear yours so if you have any thoughts on banned books let me know or give me a link to your post.


  1. Nicely put about the Potter books, I could not agree more. They are books of friendship, standing up for what is right, not being bullied.... I love those books.

  2. Kyowolf, I agree with you and Sheila about the Harry Potter series of books! Awesome reads (and definitely awesome movies!)!

  3. great post! :-) i agree on the harry potter series. one of my favorite themes in the series is protecting friends and your loved ones. i wouldn't ban harry potter from my future kids, that's for sure. :-)


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