Do you hide your romance book when around others or show it with pride?

Show some love for our romance novels!

Do you ever have someone ask what you are reading and when you name a romantic novel they scoff or ask you why you waste your time on it? I often hear about people who look at reading romance books as frivolous or pointless. I however don't believe this because other than reading for entertainment purposes, Romance novels have a lot themes and lessons that are just as important as many of the other forms of literature. I believe that many romance novels also help empower women with their strong heroines and kick butt attitudes. There are books that portray women having the strength to overcome troubling times and even some where they are simply whisked away to other lands where they learn about different cultures and teach understanding and love. The most important aspect is just the fact that it makes us feel good about ourselves and gives us an escape from everyday pressures. Now tell me how are these not examples of real literature? For those of you that flaunt your love of romance books with pride or closet romance lovers tell me about any experiences or thoughts you have on the subject.


  1. Yeah, this is a dilemma. I've gotten increasingly defiant about my reading choices, but there are still times when I find it awkward to explain what I'm reading. I work in a college library, where the general attitude toward any popular fiction book is somewhat negative.So in that situation, I don't hide them but I don't advertise them either.


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