"Young Republican, Yuppie Princess" by Nicole Chardenet

Author: Nicole Chardenet
Rating: 3 stars
Source: Review Copy

It's 1984 and the future looks bright for college student Joyce Bacyrus, rah-rah Reaganite and card-carrying Young Republican. She dreams of a high-powered Wall Street Yuppie career until her computer geek friend Hacker boinks it all up by opening a portal to another world in his dorm bathroom and dragging Joyce and their friends into it on a search for Stephanie, his missing lab partner and hopeful future squeeze. When Hacker loses the floppy disk that anchors the open portal, they must find it along with Stephanie, a task now on deadline as she's slated to marry the world's most disgusting prince. Threatening to boink things up further are a feminazi witch, a race of Conan-style barbarians (but only half as smart), incredibly hot naked undines and the prince's sidekick, heavy-metal troubadour and evil magician Malsorcier. While pondering the deeper questions of friendship, loyalty and the suspiciously modern elements in Chassadril, Joyce also wonders, Am I gonna miss my Macroeconomics exam?

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My Thoughts

Hilariously funny and full of some wacky and interesting characters as well events “Young Republican, Yuppie Princess” by Nicole Chardenet is a book you will not want to miss!

I loved the characters and found myself laughing so much my stomach hurt. Some of the things that happen to the main character Joyce Bacyrus ridiculously funny while still having a serious side to them. The settings were done very well and made me believe I was right there with Joyce. There are so many books out there with plots that have been done to death it makes you wonder if there will ever be anything new and original. Well wonder no more “Young Republican, Yuppie Princess” by Nicole Chardenet fits the bill perfectly!


  1. I have to warn folks: It's been known to induce Madonna-themed flashbacks in some readers ;)


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