"Lady Sophie's Midnight Seduction" by Dorothy McFalls

Written for The Romance Reviews

Title: “Lady Sophie’s Midnight Seduction”
Dorothy McFalls
Book Rating: 3 stars
Source: Review Copy


Lady Sophie, a self-avowed spinster, has been happy with her independence for many years...that is until Lord Benton-Black enters her world. Now she finds her nights haunted by this man who is determined to seduce her and make her his wife.


My Thoughts
“Lady Sophie’s Midnight Seduction” was an enticing read that will have you submitting to its erotic pleasures right from the first line.

You are brought along with lady Sophie who while enjoying her garden has an unexpected visitor. The man’s voice is velvety soft and holds a promise of unbridled passion. He is not a stranger however. He is Lord Benton-Black the man who has been pursuing her for over a month now and haunting her dreams for just as long.

The storyline flowed very nicely and had the feel of a seduction. Starting out slowly building up the anticipation and then causing your heart to burst in satisfaction at the climax, while letting you bask in the sweet glow of true love at the end. Though it was a short read it is a fun read that brings you along for the ride of your life in the seduction of the prim in proper lady Sophie that will make you feel as if you are the one being seduced. Give in to the pleasure of reading “Lady Sophie’s Midnight Seduction” by Dorothy McFalls.