Legendary Lovers by Debbie Macomber

Title: Legendary Lovers
Author: Debbie Macomber
Book Rating: 4
Source: Bought

Cindy and the Prince:
Cindy Territo had always believed that someday, her prince would come, but then he finally showed up as brooding Throne Prince, vice president of the firm where Cindy was a chairwoman! How could she possibly convince this Prince that she his Cinderella?
Some Kind of Wonderful:
Gentle, trusting and beautiful Judy Lovin would normally have avoided ruthless entrepreneur John McFarland like the plague, but to save her father’s business, “Beauty” found herself living on John’s private island with him and wondering if perhaps the Beast couldn’t be tamed after all…
Almost Paradise:
When Sherry White took a summer camp job as bunk leader to seven intellectually gifted children, she counted on plenty of exercise and fresh air. What she didn’t count on was Jeff Roarke, the gorgeous, if dictatorial, camp director who, despite his cynical attitude, had Sherry hoping for happily-ever-after.

My Thoughts
This book offers three delightful (complete) stories from author Debbie Macomber.
Cindy and the Prince:
Sweet, but frustrating story “Cindy and the Prince” shows that dreams really can come true through hard work and a little faith. This is a lighthearted romance about making dreams come true and although I really enjoyed it Cindy’s character was a bit frustrating at first. A lot of things could have been solved it she had been straight forward with Prince in the first place. Their romance was cute and I really liked this new take on the old fairytale “Cinderella”.
Some Kind of Wonderful:
This by far was my favorite out of the three, but I am a bit biased since “Beauty and the Beast” was always my favorite fairytale. The remake was done really well and I liked that the relationship between Judy and John progressed at a slower pace even though it is a short book. You could really tell how good they were together and the way the relationship developed was sweet and very well thought out. This was a very touching story and I adored the beautiful descriptions and the cute way that John fussed over Judy when she was injured.  Wonderful remake that every “Beauty and the Beast” fan should check out.
Almost Paradise:
This story was the cutest out of the three and I adored all the campers from Sherry’s bunk. I loved her and Jeff’s interactions with one another it was very interesting and a bit funny at times. I do have to agree with Sherry thought that he is a bit of a dictator. Sherry has to be one of my favorite heroines and I wish I had been one of the campers in her bunk. That would have been loads of fun. She gets in trouble quite a few times, but both her and the children learn valuable lessons that I am sure none of them will ever regret. I also like her view that the children should be able to have a little make believe in their life. This story wasn’t all that similar to the original tale, but it was however highly entertaining and well written. I highly recommend this story to anyone who likes a little humor mixed in with a bit of romance.
As a whole lovers of fairtales or anyone who likes a great short read will love Debbie Macomber’s “Legendary Lovers”.