His Holiday Seduction by Dawne Prochilo

Author: Dawne Prochilo
Publisher: Romance Divine LLC (October 5, 2011)
Book Rating: 4 Love Potions
Source: Review Copy


 The holiday season was not going to be "Holly-Jolly" if Dani McPherson had her way. She needed time alone, away from the library...away from men...away from the memory of her broken engagement...with Chad. Hunter Nielsen had his eye on his sexy neighbor for quite some time, although she never seemed to acknowledge his very existence. But now Hunter had a plan, to capture Dani's heart, it was all part of His Holiday Seduction.

My Thoughts

 What better way to celebrate the holiday then with that sexy neighbor you've had your eye on?

Our heroine Dani still hasn't gotten over her broken engagement from last christmas and the holiday brings up some bad memories. After a run in with her sexy neighbor Hunter Nielson she does some soul searching and realizes that she is finally able to put the past behind her and hopefully make some new memories that she hopes involves a lot of naked time with Hunter. Unbenownst to her Hunter has much the same plans.

I loved how this story showed Dani finally getting over a break up and taking charge of her life instead of moping like she used to. Her character really grew by the end of the book even with the short length. Of course my favorite part had to be when Dani pretended that her power had gone out in order to get Hunter to come over. A trick that Hunter himself had thought of using not moments before she came over. The love scene was really steamy and their interaction with each other aftewards was like the book itself funny yet sweet.

Spice up your holiday with "His Holiday Seduction" by Dawne Prochilo.