"After Glow" by Jayne Castle

After Glow by Jayne CastleTitle: After Glow
Author: Jayne Castle

Publisher:  Jove (February 24, 2004)
Rating: 5 stars

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It's the second time in a month that Lydia Smith has found a dead body. The first time pararchaelogist and museum curator Lydia became tangled up in a murder investigation it brought her together with her current paramour, ghost hunter Emmett London. So naturally Lydia thinks of Emmett when she stumbles across the body of her former professor, Lawrence Maltby. While the police believe Maltby's death was caused by his drug addiction, Lydia doesn't buy it. So with Emmett's help, she pursues her own investigation even as she tries to figure out exactly what kind of a relationship she and Emmett have.

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My Thoughts

“After Glow” continues where “After Dark” left off and now Lydia is once again caught up in a murder investigation.

“After Glow” really ties up all of the loose ends from the first book and readers get to see more of Lydia and Emmett and of course the loveable dust bunnies. I really liked how this book was written. The storyline kept me just as enraptured as the first and maybe even more so with the current developments in Lydia and Emmett’s relationship.

The budding relationship between Lydia and Emmett was really the highlight of the book. I was thrown into the rollercoaster of emotions brought out in this book with the characters and I loved every minute of it.

Readers of Jayne Castle’s Harmony books are sure to love the sequel to “After Dark”!