"Dark Legend" by Christine Feehan

Dark Legend (Dark Series #8)Title: Dark Legend
Author: Christine Feehan

Publisher: Avon Books
Source: Bought
Rating: 5 stars

Gabriel wakes deep within the ground, and the first sensation he feels is an overwhelming hunger for blood. But as he hunts the dark streets of Paris for prey, a voice calls to him, soothing, calming, giving him the strength to control his craving. Francesca Del Ponce is a healer, a woman who radiates goodness as powerfully as the sun does light. Though Garbriel knows she will be like hot silk in his arms, though he knows the taste of her will be addictive, he fears for her life and his soul if he takes her. Then with one mind-shattering vow she gives herself-- I offer freely, without reservation, I offer my life for yours as is my right--and with a firestorm of long-forgotten feelings, he glimpses salvation.

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My Thoughts
I have always loved Christine Feehan’s Dark series, but this is the first one I have read that has had an older Carpathian woman as the heroine. Unlike the others she is not human so there is not the same type of problems facing her and Gabriel as there usually is for these couples. There is however, some problems that prevent Gabriel from being able to claim her as his lifemate.
Francesca is such a great character she proves that although she was born a Carpathian she still does not take any crap from the males of her species, especially her lifemate Gabriel. She is exceedingly kind and gentle, yet very strong. I think she may be one of my favorite Carpathians so far.
Gabriel is an ancient and as is usual with male Carpathians, especially ancients they tend to be stubborn and protective. Aside from these traits though he has some very endearing characteristics that help him woo his lifemate Francesca. These same characteristics made me love him as a hero as well. Gabriel is surprisingly gentle and sweet when it comes to Francesca. He also has a lot of patience and you can really tell how much he truly loves and cares for Francesca.
Another part about this book that I really like is the relationship between Gabriel and his twin brother. All of these characters come together creating a wonderful reading experience full or romance, hope, laughter, action, and suspense.


  1. I totally love this series. It's one of the first I've read and I still keep up with it. I think Gabriel and his twin are two of my favorites. Actually their entire family is great. It's really rare to see a female whose actually Carpathian and have not suffered at the hands of the vampires in some way. Francesca is just what Gabriel needs to heal him.

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