Romance Books: What makes a hero a hero?

Romance Books: What makes a hero a hero?

The first thing many people think of when they think of a hero whether it be real life or a hero from a romance book is someone who has either saved someone’s life or the entire world from destruction. These kinds of things can definitely make someone a hero, but there are other seemingly small or insignificant things that I myself believe makes a true hero. For example by helping someone through a troubled time, spending time with an elderly woman/man at the local nursing home, or even volunteering at the humane society can make someone a hero.

Conquering some inner demons can be as hard as and many times harder than conquering some villain. Not all heroes’ have to be perfect do gooders. Some may not have done much good at all, but by trying to turn themselves around and making a fresh start for their self it makes them truly hero worthy. Many people have suffered through alcoholism, depression, or addiction to cocaine or other narcotics. The few that are able to battle these problems and come out a better person for their family or friends, or especially themselves are what I consider to be true heroes’.

Characters that were once the villains of the story can become the hero if they really wish to. As well normal everyday people can become heroes by simply being good people, friends, and family member. Simply by making someone smile even for a moment just because is what I believe can make someone a hero.

What makes someone a hero to you?